About Me


From the time I was a little girl I’ve always loved photography. When I was in high school my friend and I would get dressed up and take my little 35mm camera and go take pictures of each other, I know sounds ridiculous but we did. Then we would rush down to the drug store and get them developed and then wait couple days to get them back, it was brutal. I still have all those picture all organized in albums chronologically. What crazy and wild kids we were – lol.

But from then on, I’ve always had a camera on me, always documenting my life, always taking pictures. In 2001 I got my dog Baci, and my love for photography grew even stronger. Now I had the cutest furbaby, with the sweetest face and gorgeous eyes that make your heart melt, to photograph whenever I wanted. My poor dog has a bigger portfolio then most children. In July of 2011, I lost my sweet Baci!  It has been really difficult, but having all those pictures to go back and look at does help.  I miss him everyday and will never love anyone as much as I loved him.

But life does go on, so I’m here to give my clients those special memories that only a photograph can hold.  I absolutely love what I do and every day is a special adventure.  Every session a gift.  And I’m so very thankful to be fortunate enough to provide this service.

Margaret Janicki

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image courtesy Black Box Photography