Fridays Favs – Birthdays (Doggie)

This week was a very special one, Marlin turned 2 on Wednesday.  Two for labs is a magic age, so they say.  It’s when they are no longer puppies, they slow down blah blah ….personally I don’t really believe it.  Baci never slowed down after he turned 2, or ever.  Marlin on the other hand, is a totally different dog.  He is super dopey, lazy and cuddly and really not hyper but he gets into lots of trouble when left alone.  Chewing stuff kind of trouble.  Nevertheless, we celebrated this important milestone the only way I know how, with the annual birthday photo shoot, presents, and “cupcake smash”.  Marlin had such a great time and although his presents were not a bag of remotes, like he had requested, the cupcake and donkey made up for it. He’s such a happy and handsome guy.

Have a great weekend everyone, we are continuing the celebration on Sunday with a special party just for my special guy. I’m crazy but you already know that!

doggie birthday photo session 1

doggie birthday photo session 2

doggie birthday photo session 3

Facebook comments:

Sarah: AHH I LOVE YOU AND HIM. These are ridiculous. Can't help but wonder how long it took you to get these great shots!