Fridays Favs – Pinterest again

Why, Social Media as well as Pinterest are the greatest?  A couple days ago I found this most amazingly delicious looking photo with the most delicious sounding recipe for red velvet crapes on Pinterest!  I couldn’t help myself, so I pined it to my “food” board (which honestly should just be called “chocolate obsession”).  Anywho, that wasn’t quite enough I also tweeted it and liked it to my facebook page.  You want to know what happened next right?  I thought so.  I had every intention and still will make these myself!  My favorite breakfast place owner is a facebook friend.  Guess what peeps? I will be enjoying these tomorrow morning at Flury’s and I didn’t even have to leave my desk to make it happen. And I didn’t even make it happen on purpose.  I LOVE you PINTEREST, FACEBOOK, TWITTER!!! and I LOVE you Kim White!!!

Follow all my boards here and this delish recipe can be found here.  Happy belated Valentine’s Day my loves!


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